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Tricks Find Files and Folders Hidden

Here are some tricks to find and display files, folders and even a hidden directory:

First trick:

* Open Windows Explorer
* Select Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Advanced Settings
* Find the Hidden Files and Folders, select or fill in empty orb in front of the Show Hidden Files and Folders
* Click OK.
* Tricks will show all files, folder, or directory is hidden in all the drives

The two tricks:

* Open the command prompt with Administrative rights
* Make sure you are in the directory "C: \ Windows"
* Then type dir / ah / p / w, for example C: \ Windows \ dir / ah / p / w
* Type Enter, and the command will display all files in a hidden directory.

If the option "Show Hidden Files and Folders" is missing or not in the menu Tools -> Folder Options -> View
So you can make the choice through the registry

* Go to Run, type regedit
* Find: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentV ersion \ Explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden]
* Modifik asi string value "Type" and enter the "Group" as the value of data
* Once finished editing, press F5 to refresh, and refer to the Windows Explorer, to see the emergence of the option Folder Options in the Tools menu


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