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What's between Twitter, Google and Facebook?

What's between Twitter, Google and Facebook?

Twitter, Google and Facebook will compete strict, with the search function to provide data more relevant for users in search results. Twitter has officially released the search function of real-time to update the blog. Twitter search tool has the same performance with the application Twitterfall, but still much easier to access, because the integration with the user profile on Twitter. Twitter adding search functionality to do this to measure how good the brand or product Twitter on the consumer's eyes.

"With this additional search functions, users can ask Twitter to build a fresh update from keyword and phrase searches. This is a new experience that is familiar and fun. "Says Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder. Users can also save a search key, install with the keyword as the link in their blog's homepage.

Meanwhile, Google's Gmail will optimize the ability for the user, that user can search the web directly from their email accounts in Gmail, then paste the results in email messages. Google Gmail's search feature can also be arranged in the Google Labs tab in the Settings section.

Meanwhile, for Facebook, has launched a Friends Page, which will make it easier to contact the user to know the friend through their email accounts. While Friends Lists on Facebook, is also added in the home user, and enables users to filter updates based on personal contacts or related to the job.


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